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Treasure Miners is a community of serious investor that provides financial leaverage and independence to members. we have been tested and trusted for over a year.

How It Works

Treasure Miners offer 100% Returns on Investment in 16 days using your local currency, in the following steps.

1. Click on Get Started in the homepage or on Sign Up in the menu and fill the registration form to become a miner.

2. After Registration A verification code will be sent to the phone number or email address you provided during registration. so, make sure you use an active phone number and email. You will be redirected to the Sign In page.

3. On your first Sign In, enter your phone/email and click sign in. On the next page, enter the verification code or follow the link in the mail to verify your account.

4. You then continue to add your bank account details.

5. Then you can access your dashboard. Until you have passed the verification and added your bank account details you wont have access to your dashboard.

6. In your Dashboard click on Donate Treasures and fill the form. You will be given 48 hours to make payment or your minning account will be deleted from the system.

7. An order will be created and you make payment only to the account details provided to avoid scammers.

8. After payment click on I have made payment, which you will see on the created order. The payment will be confirmed in few hours. You can speed up payment confirmation by calling the phone number in the created order.

9. The first payment is in two parts. 20% of your donation gets matched instantly, this is to chase out fake participants and scammers. The remaining 80% will be matched at a later date. For instance, if you pledged 50,000 NGN you will be matched to pay 10,000 NGN instantly and the remaining 40,000 NGN will be matched at a later date.

10. You are eligible to withdraw both your capital and the returns after 16 days from the day you pledged. Click on Mine Treasures and fill the form.

11. You must recommit 50% of your last Donation before you can withdraw, and the recommitment too is in two parts. You will first pay 20%, when it is confirmed you will be matched to pay the remaining 30%.

12. Then you will be matched to receive your capital + 100% interest.

13. At a later date after you have received all the money you withdrew you will be matched to pay the remaining 50% of the recommitment. You withdraw again after 16 days from your last withdrawal and the cycle continues.

About Us

TREASUREMINERS is a peer-to-peer donation platform that was created out of the need to see a society where every human enjoys financial success. This is a platform where you Donate Treasure(DT) and get 100% of Your donation in the next 16days after successful recommitment. We strongly desire to create a platform that will be sustainable and also stand the test of time where participants can Donate Treasure(DT) confidently and MineTreasure(MT) without experiencing any difficulties. Treasure Miners was borne out of the need to create a sustainable, profitable and unrivalled peer-to-peer platform that will ease the pain caused by the myriads of unsuccessful platforms. Treasure Miners offers financial opportunities to her participants in a bid to establish independence. Treasure Miners is the result of a frantic brainstorming, we have carefully reviewed the reasons for the failure of maturity of peer-to-peer platforms and carefully came up with a system that we believe will stand the test of time.